Monday, January 19, 2009

Beeswax Tranfers

I haven't done much art this year. Thankfully, it's only January! Time for redemption. Suze Weinberg posted on the Ranger site that she had success doing image transfers with Beeswax. That grabbed my attention, so I checked out her blog, and low & behold, she did! I just happened to have my melt pot out, and HAD to give this a try.
Well it's a tad trickyer than I had thought, but with some encouragement from Suze, I gave it another go. Type of image and paper it's printed on is key. I didn't have good luck with magazine images. I think the paper is too heavily coated. Lazer image on plain paper seemed to work best for me. It's VERY easy to tear a hole into your piece, so a gentle touch is necessary. With any luck, the hole can be covered with some key placement of ephemera!

sweet success!