Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mardi Gras time

Just a couple ATCs done in a Mardi Gras theme for a swap. I used watercolor crayons, Distress ink, Stickles and Adirondack Dimensional Acrylics.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


I was so lucky as my dear friend Gretchen came over and we got a little play time in. I've been dying to use the new Haberdashery stamp set and she had bought Reflections. I was happy to show her different ways to use her set. Another friend of ours is in the hospital so we thought we'd whip up some cards for her. I used a new punch from EK with buttons & needles and the tiny attacher and a Pearl pin and some gingham ribbon. Oh and the hanger clip. Too cute!
To actually turn it into a get well card inside I wrote "Sew hoping you get better soon"....

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Does presentation help?

Thought maybe a pretty plate and heart doily might help....


Dear Wilton,
My balls look nothing like the pictures in the book.  Sprinkles,swirls, double dipping or fondant overlays are completely out of the question.
I really don't know I'll do this again and I mean it this time.
I need to stick with what I do best. If I get my heat tool will the coating become smooth?
At least the boy loves them and said the kids will love them too. Thats nice but if he ever volunteers me for these again I may have to hurt him....

This is the part when things get ugly....

Pink cake balls.

Next you mix frosting with the crumbled cake. Kind of a gross process. Then you get rolling.

After the boy & I rolled the balls, into the freezer they go for a couple hours. We agreed that next time (should there be one) we pick a different color.

Stay tuned for more fun as up until the next step, all's gone well. The ugly parts to come.

I need to be sure I have ice-cubes for that part... and some limes...

The mouse...

This is kind of lame you can't rotate the picture in blogger.....
Sorry, just tilt your head to the left a bit until I can correct this...

Next step.

Doesn't this look interesting? In this step you crumble the cooled cake then add frosting.  This is the first messiest part. You just dive in with your paws to work it all together. I'm going to share a tip so pay attention.  REMOVE YOUR JEWLERY AND WEAR AN APRON AND KEEP THE SINK FULL OF WARM SOAPY WATER. Technically that was 2 tips. If you ignore them, don't blame me.

The book POPS!

Sweets on a stick. This is the guide I'm using today. And the outside beasts I was concerned about? They come from within. ...
Never leave cake unattended around the boy..


The cake that is!

Now to cool. See you in 2 hours. Unless I put it outside and nothing bad happens! Like the dog gets it, or some giant icicle falls off the roof and impales itself into the cake shattering the pan..

If I put it out on the railing of the deck, it will no doubt try to end it's own life by leaping....

I have a backup mix. Just in case....

Cake balls....

So our Valentine's boy volunteered me to make the dreaded cake balls for his treat... some of you may remember the horror the last time I tried this. It wasn't pretty and left me scared.

So this time I bought a book all about cake pops.... you may want to stay tuned today. I'll post as this plays out. I'm just saying...

Step 1 is the baking of the cake. The boy chose a strawberry flavored mix and cheesecake pudding. The book said to make the cake wiith pudding so thats what I'm doing. So far so good.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


This is the makings of an ATB. Istarted it knowing I wanted to use the birdcage die for a skirt on the torso and the large and lovely wing die by sizzix. It's going to be so much more as a friend asked if I'd be able to make an ATB for a silent auction for her nephew.  He has cancer and the bills are piling up. So "Hope" who was formed for no special reason other than to amuse me, now has a purpose!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Testing one two

Trying a phone app. Uploading a pic of a wine bottle scarf I crocheted and a glass charm I made using a BIGZ die and shrink plastic.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

NEW winter product releases!

Well this is the 2nd most wonderful time of the year! The Winter Craft and Hobby show! CHA is the abbreviation. This is when companies and designers unveil the most releases of new products. And we can't WAIT to get our paws on them!!!!

And Red Rubber is offering 25% off pre-paid orders!

Since some of these are absolutely NEW Products, the release is done over several months, beginning in February through June. I have release dates of the various Tim Holtz Alterations Die and Fades, Texture Fades, Idea-ology and the new Core'dinations paper ! Also Ranger is releasing some fabulous products, including Distress Ink Stains ($4.99 each) in 12 colors that coordinate with the Distress Ink line. For the first time, I am able to order in stamp sets from Wendy Vecchi at Studio 490!

So if you're looking for products by Ranger, Tim Holtz or Wendy, let me know by emailing me at!