Thursday, February 25, 2010


Some of the new Tim Holtz products are rolling in! Today, the new Distress Inks came in. They are so pretty & I can't wait to crack them open. BUT I was busy with my "S" today....
His new book is here as well, along with, THE STAMPS! It's a 'Tim' kind of day!

If you are looking for Tim's new line of inks, alterations, dies & texture fades, drop me an email!
I'm offering 15% off the entire line, with a prepaid order!

S is for Secret Garden

Clearly done with winter! Our Calligraphy Guild is doing a 'Paper Inspiration Quilt'. Each month, we are encouraged to make a letter from the word INSPIRE. This month is S. I wanted to use metal, and the need to see flowers is becoming important. What to do, what to do. I struggled with S not wanting to do snowflakes. As I was digging through the trinket stash, I found the pin that said SECRET. PERFECT. Secret Garden it is! It's still in a light & lovely color scheme, and I really didn't want to color the flowers.
It's 8.5 x 5.5". I'm curious as to what else I will see at the meeting!
We meet once a month in Whitefish Bay!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Polymerclay Brocades

Inked, ready to be cut & baked
Stamped and painted, ready to be cut & baked

Painted & trimmed ready for the oven.

These are baked!

Largest piece which will cover a 4x5 book.

Finishing up some samples for an Accordian Journal making class, featuring a cover with hand painted papers and 'brocades' made with polymer clay, rubber stamps and acrylic paints. Several months ago on 1 of my groups (CCSWAPS) Adrienne Goodenough shared this technique with us, and we had a swap.
Adrienne's blog is ALWAYS full of beautiful work. I'm sharing the link to her instructions for the brocades.

Here are the pieces I made today, and will post again when I turn these into the finished pieces. These are painted, cut & baked. So short of turning them into something, they are done.