Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Which Red Lead Image are you???

I am the birthday girl!!!! here's my ATC for the swap. My head got a little big (wink, wink)!

Side Step Card

In a continued attempt to be organized (laugh if you will), after my Creative Background Class I was putting writeups away with samples. One of the techniques I covered was the Masterboard Technique which uses Distress Inks and Gesso. I made such a lovely background (IMHO) that I wanted to create a card with it as a finished sample of the technique. Well, Bonnie showed off another fabulous design on her blog at http://www.craftiblog.wordpress.com/ and I knew I had to make it! Bonnie has such an elegant style. CLEARLY not me, but I do love the card designs she shares. Well, so much for organizing! I did use the MB paper for the winged chair and DID use it on my side step card! That's got to count for something. Loved making this. Although I'm still not sure why I always adjust measurements. I better check my trimmer & Score-Pal....
And MAYBE, rather than just scanning, I'll take a photo of this so the dimension shows! Watch for updates......

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Ok, it's my favorite holiday. This piece is for the collage class I'm teaching this Saturday at Artist and Display (http://www.artistanddisplay.com/). We'll be working on a 9x12 canvas, using acrylics, images, stamps and LOADs of ephemera. I have several samples, but want everyone to do their own thing. Since some of the images I printed were Halloween-y, I wanted to be sure to have a piece done with those images. It's been a while since I've worked on a canvas, and I forgot how much fun it is to paint.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Off to merry ol' England...

Not me, but this piece I created for a swap. The theme was Elements: Wind, Water, Earth, Fire.

Simple enough or so I thought! I doodled, sketched, researched, and came right back to my original idea. A small banner-like piece. It's 12x9-ish. I should have done the cloth pieces on a lighter fabric. I used canvas cloth. I was looking for movement to depict the 'wind' part. I ended up adding ribbons & fibers, so Lyn will have to 'blow on it' to get that movement! I didn't like the idea of 4 stips of cloth, I typically do things in odd numbers not even.

I used color washes from Ranger, Stamp Zia, Stewart Superior, Tsukeneko, Glimmer mist and Radient Rain. It seemed a bit naked, so I added a little calligraphy at the bottom.