Sunday, July 27, 2008

Card for Altered Pages Design Challenge #3

This is the 3rd piece I made for this weeks challnege. We were to make a card, using collage images & rubber stamps. I wanted to make library pocket. As usual, once I started, it morphed from where I had begun. I worked on canvas paper with acrylic paints & a palette knife. Several layers of paint scraping reveals some depth which I liked. I wanted the paper to look like an old painted & repainted wall.
The image on the card, and the poster on the pocket were printed on transparency film. The feathered lady is on glossy photo paper. I really enjoyed this weeks challenge, and tried to use different images, colors & styles. But basically, I come back to an earthly look.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Other work I did this week

Scrabble & clown girl are stamped on transparancy film & are by Diva Impressions.
The Absinthe atc & skinny are collage images from Phenomenon1859 on ETSY.
The woman with the hat is from Altered Pages. 1st piece is an image of turtle eyes... Really!
Mona is from Ma'Reliquary.

AP DT #3

Well, this weeks design team challenge was to use collage sheets & rubber to create a layout, a tag and a card. Right up my alley! Except the layout part. I don't (GASP) scrap. Initially I thought this part would be the big challenge for me. I thought I'd work on this 1st, kind of 'get it over with'. I really did try to plan each component. Which images I would use for each piece. I kind of stuck with it. I wanted to do 3 very different themes. Hopefully to 'showcase' my areas of interest. The layout started ok, but just wasn't coming together until I redid the background. I began using a patterned paper. BLAH. No 'pop'. So I made my own with glossy & good ol' distress ink. I am much happier with the results. It's an 8x8.

The tag is 8" tall. Again with the distress ink for the background. The image is printed on silk.

1 more to go. The card. I have good plans for this one. Then to write up the instructions & post.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Inked & Altered Painted Ladies

Design Challenge #2! The 'theme' was to make inchies using the letters in your name, and incorporate that into a design. I decided to use row houses (thank you Trish Bee!) because they remind me of Victorian homes which are sometimes called Painted Ladies. Also the Victorian collage sheet images I used, worked well into the theme. One important point to the challenge was to make the piece SCREAM ME. I am into so many different things (mixed media I suppose), and I am working in a small scale (3" width on the largest & 8" high on the tallest), I couldn't POSSIBLY incorporate everything I like with out it totally looking garish!
So I decided to highlight some of the things I love. Making background papers, working with photo editing software, beads, fiber, color washes, acrylics & texture. I added a wee bit of humor.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed as I await the next challenge, and hope they like my work!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Altered & Aged Tin Ceiling Tile

I spent about 5 hours on this today. It is project specific for a challenge. My 1st project, turned out like crap with a capitol C! Just garish in my eyes. I was very pleased as I knew when I started this was going to come together.... I aged the tin & made the hinges from sandpaper. And, I penned the poem. Wish me luck in my challenge. 3 more to go!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

ATC Workshop - Intuiitive Watercolors Study

In the Wisconsin Stampers Yahoo group, we are working thru Bernie's book, Artist Trading Card Workshop. While I've done several of the techniques, either recently or in the past, we're taking it 1 technique at a time. Here's samples of my 1st try at this. And, actually following directions. Ok, within 'my reason' lol! I don't usually follow direction. Right off, I change something. SO, I used 140# coldpress watercolor paper and water color wash by Stamp Zia, Ranger & Stewart Superior (Memories Mist).