Saturday, July 19, 2008

Inked & Altered Painted Ladies

Design Challenge #2! The 'theme' was to make inchies using the letters in your name, and incorporate that into a design. I decided to use row houses (thank you Trish Bee!) because they remind me of Victorian homes which are sometimes called Painted Ladies. Also the Victorian collage sheet images I used, worked well into the theme. One important point to the challenge was to make the piece SCREAM ME. I am into so many different things (mixed media I suppose), and I am working in a small scale (3" width on the largest & 8" high on the tallest), I couldn't POSSIBLY incorporate everything I like with out it totally looking garish!
So I decided to highlight some of the things I love. Making background papers, working with photo editing software, beads, fiber, color washes, acrylics & texture. I added a wee bit of humor.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed as I await the next challenge, and hope they like my work!

1 comment:

trisha too said...

those are wonderful!

(and I will gladly trade you something, but I'm pretty sure you don't want an inchie bracelet with MY name on it!)