Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I rejoined a swap group recently, that I have missed over the last couple years. The 1st swap I signed up for was Grungeboard. I was excited to do this swap, and had had an idea of making a mini-book, but I was not being inspired by the GB pieces I had. EXCEPT the big giant key! I already had it painted black.... So a coat of the weathered iron & Rusting mediums, and whalla! Rusty big giant key! A perfect 'keychain' if I do say so myself!
I sure hope the Sweet P(erson) who gets this loves it to!


Aileen said...

Big Congrats Jan! Check my blog out and email me your mailing info
otm@outsidethemargins.com ;-)

trisha too said...

she surely loved it!

just wanted to stop by and say hi--you post even less than i do!!!