Tuesday, June 30, 2009

PC Maintenance….

Have you ever been without your PC? Ours took a hit and fried the motherboard a couple weeks ago. The good news, the hard-drive didn't get hit. The bad news, it was making some noises… So we decided to bite the bullet, and order an new system. A friend of ours has a business, where one of the services is hardware support. My husband is in Tool and Die, and is a CNC Programmer. He uses specialized software, and we wanted to have a system that could drive that, as well as some high-end graphics for me. Well after the wait, and everything, the new PC is home today! The bad news, it doesn't look like I can pull any of the data I need from the old hard-drive…… I was able to get a couple files off before it started groaning. ALL my digital images, files for my business, clips, images (bought, free and altered) GONE. All my templates, instructions, ideas, tips and what not for classes, gone…..


I have learned some very valuable lessons. UPS battery back up! Imperative to keeping your hardware safe!

And to get in a good habit of backing up your data!!!!! While I do have some copies of some of the data, certainly not enough to recover the last several months…..

Surfing the internet will be new, as all my bookmarks, are gone too! So whoever came up with the ideas of blog roles, and listing those on your BLOGS, THANK YOU! At least that is stored somewhere!

I need to go to bed. I have a full day of attempting data recovery tomorrow before I have to return this really kewl little tool that will read the old drive. So I'll post and 'chat' soon as I finish installing my scanner, and make some files & pics!

Now, go back up your stuff!


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Evelyn S. said...

I totally empathize! My 7-month-old computer with the huge hard drive...crashed and I lost everything I had put on since January. Fortunately, our previous computer was still in the garage with hard drive intact, so we could salvage everything on it. I was soooo afraid that I had lost ALL my digital photos! I have a battery back-up, but I've ordered a big external hard drive now.