Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Off to merry ol' England...

Not me, but this piece I created for a swap. The theme was Elements: Wind, Water, Earth, Fire.

Simple enough or so I thought! I doodled, sketched, researched, and came right back to my original idea. A small banner-like piece. It's 12x9-ish. I should have done the cloth pieces on a lighter fabric. I used canvas cloth. I was looking for movement to depict the 'wind' part. I ended up adding ribbons & fibers, so Lyn will have to 'blow on it' to get that movement! I didn't like the idea of 4 stips of cloth, I typically do things in odd numbers not even.

I used color washes from Ranger, Stamp Zia, Stewart Superior, Tsukeneko, Glimmer mist and Radient Rain. It seemed a bit naked, so I added a little calligraphy at the bottom.

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