Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tag 6

This tag has just an amazing amout of texture! AND a very cool technique, with stamping onto the embossing folder. Had to try this several times to get a good impression. That is why I usually make several passes with a technique. Sometimes you like it, sometimes, not so much. BUT most of the time, the piece is useful! AND that's where the 2nd tag comes in.

I didn't want to crack open the Branch tree BIGZ Die, so I used Dijon Metal from Ten Seconds Studio and the Branch Tree Texture Fade to make my antler!

I also made my own 'journaling tag' from a piece of 110# manilla cardstock. I used a large round punch to clip the corners.
Because of the 'tag' near the top, I didn't think this needed any further embellishments hanging off it.

I had bought some Silver Viva Precious Metal Colour paint and using the brush thingy 'splattered' sliver ink across the tag.... My touch!

Hopefully you can see the effect more here.

I was playing around with some Liquid Watercolor (Sargant) making my own 'pearl spray'. I lost some of the effect with my overspraying of Pearl! But I do love the look and will do it again!

This piece had such a 'white out' effect, I went with it, buy adding the word BEAUTIFUL from Kabuka mold #9 on Pearl metal from Ten Seconds Studios. Again, I embossed the antlers from the Pearl metal using the Branch Tree Texture Fade.

And as long as I was 'splattereing away', I added the Silver Viva Precious Metal Colour overspray.

Hopefully, you can see the Pearl Metal 'word stick' and
antlers here.

And of course, you can see Tim's originals on his blog

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