Saturday, February 12, 2011

Does presentation help?

Thought maybe a pretty plate and heart doily might help....


Ladybugz Creations said...

I wanted to let you know that today I too did Cake Balls, though they were not perfect, the rave reviews I got from my kiddo's and friends were out of this world.. So now I have to work on the presentation of them to perfect them.. But I also wanted to let you know yours are ADORABLE. and I love your presentation.. Enjoy your evening

Anonymous said...

seriously...u crack me up! I think they look quite edible for sure...and I need that apron your boy is wearing...then I can put a big circle around what it says and draw a line thru it...sorta like NO SMOKING SIGNS tell where u found that...I NEED IT lol
cher from att

Von said...

Till the next time that is lol kids and cake can't beat the mess :)

Amy said...

they look tasty to me.
But i haven't eaten yet today so my oil pastels look tasty.