Monday, October 31, 2011

A Radiant Surprise!

A the cliches... Don't CRY over spilled milk, turn a negative into a positive, Well this us one of those "happy accidents". We all work in TIGHT spaces. And as I was 'creating', my square inches of space was ever decreasing! I had out inks, stamps, misters, stencils, blending tools, water AND a heat gun. Well one quick turn to grab something and SPLOOOSH, over goes the bottle of OPEN Radient Rain! S#!T!!! Yes, I said it. LOUD and PROUD.

Well, since I was working on tags for an upcoming demo and workshop, I had a PILE of TAGS handy!!! Which was good they weren't in proximity of the disaster, but close enough to grab! So what does a clever crafter do? Use what's in front of her and start DABBING! So I began lay a tag into the split Radiant Rain, lift it up, dry it off with the Heat it tool, lay it back into the Radiant Rain, rub the back, dry and REPEAT. At LEAST 5-6 times!

And lucky for ME, I had one tagged inked with Broken China Distress Ink.... That would be the one on the left. I had "dripped' some Radiant Rain on it, but wasn't done with it. It was PERFECT to sop up some of the Radiant Rain after the first tag was done. That would be the tag on the left.
The tag in the center is the first tag. The far right, is the tag that got the last of the liquid off my board.

A new technique you ask? Well, I did too. AND maybe I'll go ask Pat over at Technique Junkies about it, just as soon as I come up with a name. Radiant Klutz? Radiant Disaster? Radiant Sploosh? Haven't settled on a title.

While I don't recommend you purposefully dump a perfectly good bottle of anything over, you do have to answer the door when someone knocks, grab your bootstraps and make hay while the sun shines....

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Marjie Kemper said...

Love these tags. The colors are so rich. I'm all for having a pile of tags at the ready!