Thursday, May 27, 2010

Metal - embossing plates and more!

I have to tell you, every Tuesday I look forward the TACO Tuesday video over at Ten Seconds Studio blog. Megan & Cheryl kill me. If I ever spoke to my mom like that, well let's just say even at my age, I'd be eatting some soap! BUT each week they turn me onto a new technique, and I just love their product.
Many of you locals have seen me demo this product over at Artist & Display. Boy are they in for a treat when I bring in the pieces I'm working on now!
Here's a card I did for a friend whose birthday I blew off. Well, just sending a card anyway. But no one should be shocked to NOT get a card from me lately. More of a shock if you actually get one!
The roses are from one of the new Kabuka molds. Didn't think I'd care for this side of the mold much BUT the swirly part of the rose. OMG, wait til the pendant with Ice resin finishs drying so I don't f-it up...
BUT the roses embossed in Rock Star black & cut out went PERFECTLY with "Relaxin' " from Stampotique don't ya think?

OK, CLEARLY not metal, but another Stampotique character named 2 barettes. She's done on Stampbord.


Von said...

I think that's totaly awsome !!!

Rockin Robin Caldwell said...

Yippeeeee....I am the lucky recipient of this "heavy metal" beauty!!! It is gorgeous IRL!!! The texture is amazing and begs to be touched. I have it proudly displayed on my kitchen island, where I get to look at it every day!!! Thanks so much for this rockin card Jan, I LOVE it!!! Hisses, Rockin Robin C

Jan Hoefler said...

It couldn't have gone to a better home!
Don't ya love 'touch-a-licious' art?

WendyK said...

It's fab, love the roses with the image.