Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Movers & Shapers: Using the L-Base Tray & magnetic dies

At my open house, we used the Tag & Bookplate Alterations die, along with the WISH Movers & Shapers magnetic die from Tim Holtz' collection. There have been a lot of questions on how these items, along with the L-Base tray work and why you NEED them :).
So here's some pics & explanations on how these work, hopefully they will make sense and be clear enough that you are able to make a decision on whether these products will work for you. Please do email me with any questions!

This is the L-Tray. It has a metal piece that fits in the tray. This is used with the large cutting pads and magnetic Movers & Shapers. Placed inside is the WISH die.

Here I had precut the snowman, and will cut WISH into the bottom ball of him.
TIP: The word WISH is backwards. You HAVE to put your piece/paper face down or it will cut backwards! Cut a test piece first!!!!

This is the sandwich:
L-base tray
Wish Die
Precut shape (snowman)

The top cutting plate fits over the top of the L-Base Tray so your precut image won't shift! Below is the cut piece!
SIMPLE and most excellent!

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