Friday, November 4, 2011


I just can't seem to manage the time to get my pictures resized as they are in my camera VS my smarty-pants phone. My A-phone because I don't have the I-phone. ANYWAY, Carol, who took the class and has a wonderful blog of her own, posted to her blog about it. She blogged about MY class and it is SO nice I can hardly stand it! Thanks Carol!!!!!

Carol's Creative Expressions Blog

 OK, I lied a little. I have a couple pictures sized from my camera, but that's all you get for now!


Anonymous said...

I saw Carol's blog - what a beautiful project. Since I live in Winnipeg, MB, Canada, it is highly unlikely that I would ever make it to your store for a class. Would you consider selling the materials and instruction to me so that I could make the book on my own?

Sheila Johnston

Jan Hoefler said...

Hi Anonymous, would you email me at with your email. I would consider this. It's a good 8-10 hour project, so I would consider kitting it up for you.