Monday, November 7, 2011

Tag and tip!

So remember the other day I emailed Tim Holtz?  I had a question about the Kraft Glassine and adhering it to Grungepaper and what the best adhesive was. I tried Multi-Medium. That didn't work. He said it would, but you need to wait a REALLY LONG TIME. We don't like to wait.... 
I had good success with my ATG and Red Liner tape (WonderTape). One of the ladies tried ScorePal tape which didn't seem to work. And another used the Glossy Accents. Again, need to wait on the dry time, but it did work. I also tied hot glue. AND while in some areas it held, it others, it let go.

SO, back to Tim. What he recommended was Glossy Accents AND a craft iron. He said it would be cool. Damn, he was right! I tried it on this tag. SMOOOOOOOTH as silk!

I am going to have to do 1 more experiment with embossed glassine... THEN I'll be sold!

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