Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Getting my Gelli Girl on!


After spending a fun afternoon demoing the Gelli Arts Printing Plate at Artist & Display recently, I felt inspired to experiment through some ideas I had the next day.

One thing I HAVE to do, is finish up a tag for a Snowflake swap. I used the Catalyst tool to scrape paint onto the Gelli plate vs using a brayer.

Paint Scrapping

Next I laid out stencils from Tattered Angels. These stencils are thicker & stiffer than some other brands, so you get some ‘bleed’ underneath. Not problematic, just adds to the look.



I pulled 2 tags off the plate as first generation prints.

I ran some white acrylic completely over the top of the plate, and pulled 2nd generation prints, which I like better.

IMG_2356   IMG_2357

These are the results showing the differences.

IMG_2358  IMG_2378

This is one of the more ‘finished tags’. Well, finished with the Gelli plate anyway!


With this tag, you can see some of the stenciling from the first generation print above. I just couldn’t let them bee with the white space earlier, and am much happier with this tag.


This experiment was done using a stencil from The Crafters Workshop & Airbrush acrylic paint in magenta & Fluid acrylic, both by Golden.



The right side of this shows the first generation print, and the left side is a 2nd generation. I only used 2 colors, and really like the way the paint blended & flowed under the stencil.

I like the way the fluid paint moved around & created some resist with the Gelli plates surface. I don’t have a lot of airbrush paints, but do like the look. These are done on 110# cardstock, but I imagine if done on Mixed Media (Strathmore) or Bristol the ink would move a bit more.


The great thing about stencils, is the ability to flip words so the orientation in the final print comes off right!


After making the 1st & 2nd generation prints, there was still plenty of paint to add lettering to several other tags. No paint left behind!

Watch for the next post. I ended up with some pretty unique ( at least in my mind) prints!

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