Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mono Printing with the Gelli Plate & Embossing Folders

I JUST LOVE this technique. Now, I’m not saying I made this up (but maybe I did), but I haven’t seen it done elsewhere. Yet. So if you’ve seen this before, let me know. Otherwise, I’m coming up with a cool name for this technique. For now, we’ll just consider it an embossed mono printing technique.


So, if you’re like me, when you get a new die or embossing folder, you’ll run cut or emboss SEVERAL pieces with no real purpose other than to try it out. I have folders FULL of these (you’d think I could actually get a completed piece of work done with this stash). I grabbed 2 that had a great design & depth. The Subway Texture fade from Tim Holtz and the other one by Sizzix. I’ll also include the Honeycomb.

I brayered acrylic paints onto my Gelli plate, and laid the pre-embossed (using tan Co-ordinations cardstock) piece into the paint.


LOVE LOVE LOVE the look of this!

I can see doing this, A LOT. The finish from the paint (and I BET the new Distress Paint will work REALLY cool too) gives this a semi glossy finish, and will create a great resist to some additional inking with Distress Inks or Stains. It will also help keep the embossing raised when using additional wet mediums.

IMG_2366 IMG_2367

Above is the Gelli plate, after the embossed piece was pulled. (note to self, place a piece of white cardstock underneath for pictures). Because the Sizzix Texture Fades have such great depth, the text & design pulls so well, making for a great ghost print! I LOVE that the text WILL BE rightside facing in the final print. 

IMG_2396    IMG_2369 

TA Da!!! The image on the left is the print, onto white 110# cardstock. The image on the right, shows both the ‘print’ and the original embossed piece from the first press together.

Now there was a lot of paint on my Gelli plate, because I hadn’t done a print prior to putting the embossed piece in. Therefore, there was still quite a bit of paint for the 2nd print. The words are  distinguishable, and there is some white space.

What a great background this makes!!!!


Now this time, I had some paint left on my plate from a previous pulling, before I laid the embossed piece onto the Gelli plate.


This is one reason why the cardstock piece on the right of this image, doesn’t have as much paint on it as the Subway piece in the first experiment.

You can see on the left side, the design on the Gelli plate, produced by the embossing folder.

Pretty sweet!



This image shows white cardstock pulled off the Gelli plate, transferring the embossed design.

You all are going to L*O*V*E doing this!!!!!!!


These tags was done using the Honeycomb Texture Fade.


The white piece in the center was the original embossed cardstock. The tags are the pulled pieces.

See what I mean? VERY COOL backgrounds!!!


Loving the idea? I know I am.

I can’t wait to work with some of the other embossed pieces I have just waiting for me!


I have a 6x6 Gelli plate, and am finding this to be a great size to work with for what I do. The paint stays pretty wet for the amount of time I need. While working with the 8x10, which again is a great size, the paint dries up a little quicker. I notice the difference.


Bearcrazyman said...

Very cool indeed

Kelly K said...

great photos and descriptions Jan! I have got to try this.