Sunday, March 24, 2013

More Gelli girl

I love it when the idea pans out. ESPECIALLY during a class or demo! Like I said in my previous post, I was working for 4 hours, and never once cleaned off my Gelli plate. Or brayer. Which was developing a skin! I had to stop myself from 'peeling' it off like old nail polish.... BUT I digress....

POINT BEING, there is quite a bit of residual paint on the plate from previous prints.
I used a 12x12 Crafters Workshop stencil called Botanicals. Brushed paint into the open are of the stencil, removed the stencil & pulled my print.

I was limited to paint colors this day. Red, Yellow, 2 blues, white, black, 2 ochre like colors, and a very deep purple. The orchre and yellow with the deep blue, created the greens. I knew that was going to happen (really, I did).
This is a second generation print.
What I find ESPECIALLY when I'm demoing and yapping away, the paint is drying on the Gelli plate. So now I keep a mister of water handy & I spritz the paint, wait a bit to let the paints rehydrate and pull another print. I've gotten some really cool prints using this method!

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