Saturday, October 31, 2009

Faux Chihuly with a Twist....

I'm demoing a product called Dura-lar by Grafix next weekend at Artist & Display. It's thick, not 100% transparent, but can be shaped (carefully) in warm water. The plan was to use glass paints, which I have none of, and since I love alcohol inks, thought this would be a great substitute.
I've had this great song by Kirstin Andreassen going through my head ( ) it's SO FUN! "Crayola dosn't make the color for your eyes". Great inspiration for color!

The 'look' we're going for is that of Dale Chihuly ( ) an amazing glass artist. His colors are fabulous and his pieces undescribable! Tough to replicate with alcohol inks because of the way they react.

I'm going to play around some more & see what I can work out. Not sure Mr. Chihuly would appreciate me calling this a Drunken Chihuly Technique (due to the ALCOHOL inks) but it makes me laugh. So for now, it's Faux-Chihuly with a Twist!

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Wanda H said...

These are wonderful!!!!