Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Adhering Kraft Glassine

Supplies needed:Embossed Kraft Glassine
Glossy Accents
Craft Iron
An inked tag or other project

This isn't an excercise on how to ink a tag, but
getting the Kraft Glassine, which as an oily feel to stick! In a previous post, that was an issue with the Vintage Valise Journal.

So i had emailed Tim, and he suggested this process. What I wanted to ensure, was that I wouldn't loose the integrity of the embossing when ironing the embossed glassine to a base.

As you can see in this closeup, the raised dots remain in tack! The Glossy Accents smooshes down and literaly will begin to melt and adhere within 10 seconds. Remember it's a CRAFT IRON, you're not pressing a shirt (who DOES that?)!

Pretty Sweet!

The technique on the lower half is shown today by the lovely Miss Tammy Tutterow on her blog. She calls it the FROSTY DE-BOSS! But she was working with snowflakes. I wanted to see how it worked with a different folder (I tried 3 different designs) AND Rangers Crackle Accents (because frankly, I'm getting a bit ticked with the Distress Crackle Paints). AND my Distress Crackle Rock Candy was JUST about empty and I really didn't want to crack open a new one!

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