Thursday, November 15, 2012

Body and Soul

I was lucky enough to be asked to design a class for a very talented group of friends who meet annually for an Art retreat. This was initially to be a spin on Tim's Heart & Soul and took a real 'hook' when the hearts I ordered didn't show. It became a HAPPY ACCIDENT, as the torso really made this piece SO much better for this group! The name 'BODY AND SOUL' was born, as were eight very unique pieces of art!

We used a medium configuration box, tissue wrap & tape, paint, Distress Stains & Inks, Alcohol inks, LOTS of Idea-olgy, vintage slides and various ephemera.

What I love when I teach, is letting each person create. I don't pick their colors, I give options. I let each person place components where THEY choose....

Everyone chats and feeds off each others ideas & the creativity blossoms.  This makes classes more fun and a better learning experience. Of course it adds to the length of time, but no one seems to mind!

I can't wait to teach this class again! It was a blast!!!!

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Dorothy said...

What a great class that must have been!!