Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tag 1, Day 1

WOW. If you worked through this tag, you can certainly appreciate that adjective! I believe this one took me over an hour. BUT soooooooooo worth it!

Quite a bit of improvising. First, I had to run to a friends
to cut the house & fence as I had sold all those dies :).
I used the Swirls Grunge board. Well that made my house have some interesting texture! Well, when I got home and READ the directions, I had to modify the steps.
I ran my wonky house through the Texture fade, added the dabber paint, sanded, inked. Hmmmmm, Not looking right. More Ink, better. Oh YEAH, need to cut it up. But not about to 'reconstruct' a house. SO, I ran it through my Xyron to apply tape to the front & back of a paper cut house. THEN I could cut my Grunge house into strips AND place it on the paper house. This gave me alignment!

I didn't like the way the Crackle was making snow on my house, so I got out some Snow Writer. Better texture! While it was still wet, I added flocking and some transparent glitter.

Look at the texture on this baby!!!

I used the SnowWriter on the branches of the Clematis, which I turned into a tree. Almost forgot about that. I had to go out in the dark to look for something. I also added some of the glitter.

I was so surprised with the wreath as I had that out! Used in on my Reindeer Wish Tag

I Used Liquid Applique on the the tag number 25, and had covered it with Rock Candy Stickles.

Mica in the windows was a fabulous idea! LOVED IT.

DAMN. Forgot the Q-tip in the chimney....

Day 2 was recently posted. SIMPLER (thank you Tim) but cool techniques! Remember, EVERYTHING Tim uses for the Tag of the Day is on sale, 20% off!


bonnie32002 said...

You are so right...WOW. And it only took you an hour? I was thinking longer after seeing all the steps it took Tim to get there.

Thanks for showing what you did with the tag. Truly a work of art!

Dorothy said...

Looks awesome Jan!
My friend never made it over last night so maybe today I will work on tag 1.